One Man’s Trash is a Kid’s Treasure

Remember as a kid how you would always want your mom’s old stuff? I used to get my mom’s old wallets, purses, and eventually clothes and shoes, and I loved it. Every time she would sort through her files I would get old file folders; if she found random notebooks, I would inherit those.

Ah, to be a child.

My kids do the same exact thing. In fact, I just gave a bunch of old shirts to my oldest daughter because I used to be much skinnier and she’s growing like a weed, so it worked out for the best. The rest went to the clothing bank.

I also recently found a whole bunch of kids’ books and handed those over… and my younger daughter is obsessed with arts and crafts, so anytime she sees a container, box, or other discarded materials she thinks she can use to make something, she pesters me until I let her have it and then proceeds to raid my scissors, tape, and glue.

Why are kids so fascinated with our stuff? I remember when I was small, my mom got me a little fake check book because I saw her writing checks all the time and wanted to do it, too. I figured that would make me more grown up, more like her.

And that’s exactly it.

Kids want to be like their parents. They want to have similar things, they want to be able to do what they want, they want to act just like us… I guess that’s why they say that setting a good example is so important, right?

That’s perfectly okay with me. Aside from a couple of bad habits, of course. But as far as the kiddos wanting my old stuff goes? I am so fine with that!

I am a paper person. I have a lot of journals, full and yet to be filled, and I’ve been writing song lyrics and stories since I was young. That means lots and lots of old notebooks, half-filled journals, a million different kinds of pens, and scrapbooking stuff galore. I also have an art set with crayons, colored pencils, and three different types of paint (watercolor, oil, acrylic). Not that I know how to use all this stuff, but who cares? It’s all part of getting creative in the kitchen.

Every time I decide to paint, journal, or do anything craft-sy in the kitchen, all three of my kids are right there by my side, watching my every move. They observe very closely, and it doesn’t take long for them to decide that they want to write/draw/paint/cut/glue, too.

My younger daughter used some weird-shaped plastic from dessert packaging to make the nose of a little character she cut out. Kind of funny that the person is so flat with a sizeable nose… but it was still cute!

I have a lot of stuff that I either never use or am just about ready to sell or give away.

If my kids want it and are going to use it, then why not let them? It just means that I don’t have to buy them wallets and purses because they simply use the ones I don’t anymore.

Now I need to go get an iPod or an MP3 player so that I can use all of my old CDs for crafts….

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