Ace the Test..Then Party!

There are those of us who can sit in class, absorb it all, write the test, and walk out with a respectable grade. And then there are those of us who need to go the extra mile and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, to those students who don’t need to crack a book to take a test, I think a lot of it is pure luck. Anyone can take a test and get an A, but a test is only a small snapshot of what you’ve learned over the course of the semester, and if you don’t have a good solid foundation, you can kiss that A goodbye. June is graduation month for high school seniors, and you know what that means right? Yes, yes, it means it’s time to celebrate, but before all of that, you need to be preparing for some of the most important tests that you’re ever going to take. These tests will determine whether you get into that top university, or if you’ll be spending a couple of years at a community college just trying to catch up. I don’t mean to sound like a total party pooper, but when you toss that cap up in the air, I want you to feel confident and proud that you gave your future everything you had in you. So here’s how:


Because we’re already well into June, you should have put together some sort of studying schedule. While I was at university, I would list the subjects from most difficult to the easiest and alot time accordingly. Naturally the harder subjects would receive a larger chunk of time. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! For pete’s sake, this is your future we’re talking about! Besides, if you get sufficient study time in, you’ll be able to throw in some fun activities in the between so you’re not trying to cram everything into your brain last minute.


Most students find out what material will be covered on the test and then they wander off and struggle on their own. Look, it’s not in your teachers best interest to watch you fail, so if you don’t understand something, or you’re unclear, ask if you can spend some time with them before or after class. Better yet, approach other classmates, and ask if they’re having the same issues. If they are, bring the group to sessions with the teacher, it’s much easier to learn that way.


This is a a technique that I’ve used from elementary school, all the way up through university. At the beginning of every semester, we would form study groups on our own. We would meet periodically throughout the semester to study for exams or even just to discuss class assignments and bounce around thoughts and theories. Study groups are a great way to sort of self-regulate when it comes to studying, and the power of the group will often curve procrastinating.


This is probably my favourite tip and I’ve used it in both my professional and as well as academic career. Talking about what you’ve learned actually helps you remember it more effectively. So whenever I was writing a paper, or preparing for an exam, or even trying to retain information from a class session, I would ask my boyfriend, my friends and m study group members for a few moments of their time. I’ll literally reteach a class to them, or I’ll teach them about a particular area that I’m studying. Just use the notes you’ve taken in class, and repeat yourself over and over until the information sticks! I know this may sound silly, but trust me, you’ll be amazed at how supportive friends and family can be when it means you’ll succeed!

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